Civil Engineering

Larry E. Speaks & Associates, Inc. has a team of license engineers and support staff experienced in all aspects of site-development and project management. We provide a number of civil engineering services for site planning and development of residential, commercial, industrial, and parks and recreation projects. Many of our private sector clients are developers for shopping centers, retail buildings, residential subdivisions, and commercial subdivisions. We also work with governmental agencies as well as city and county engineers.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Water Distribution
  • Streets
  • Highways
  • Site Engineering
  • Roadway Design
  • Subdivision Design (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
  • Storm Drainage Design
  • Utility Coordination and Planning
  • Water Supply, Treatment Facilities, Storage, and Distribution Systems
  • Construction Management
  • Land Development Planning and Design
  • Land Use Studies
  • Municipal Works
  • Park and Recreation Facilities (Ball Fields, Tracks, etc.)
  • Design Layout (Construction Layout)